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Planning Permission

Planning Permission, Listed Building Consent and Building Regulations Approval are statutory consents that are required from your Council in order to allow you to legally carry out changes to your property or land.

Planning Authorities seek to guide the way our towns and countryside develop. This includes the use of land & buildings, the appearance of buildings, landscaping considerations, highway access and environmental impact. Planning Approval cannot be guaranteed since it depends upon many factors, some of which cannot be controlled.


Building Regulations

Building Regulations are entirely separate to planning and set standards for the design and construction of buildings to protect the safety and health of people in or about those buildings. They cover many areas such as structure, fire escape, drainage, ventilation, conservation of fuel & power and facilities for the disabled.

Permission is a legal requirement for all but the most basic types of building work.
The Regulations are complex and can sometimes seem unreasonable, but they are all there for good reason. Building Regulation matters are handled by building control officers; there is no committee so you should not have to endure a long wait for approval.

A typical submission will include the application form, council fee, Location Plan, Site and/or Block Plan, Existing and Proposed Plans, Existing and Proposed Elevations, Sections, Specification, particular Details (e.g. foundations, roof etc) but may also include Structural & / or Thermal calculations, technical literature etc.